Y-Love’s ‘Move On’ feat. DeScribe with Sabbo Remix, Out Today!

Y-Love’s first single from his hotly anticipated forthcoming record This is Unity, ‘Move On’, produced by Diwon and featuring DeScribe, is the beginning of the era of “global hiphop” — where global social consciousness combines with pop for the kids on the street. The club-friendly track is the first off the upcoming album, takes a page out of the Young Money playbook while keeping with Y-Love’s signature anti-prejudice message — ‘unity builds the world, all divisions destroy the world’. Y-Love, “the soundtrack to social consciousness”, as URB Magazine called him keeps This is Unity’s tracks ready for the mainstream while still pushing positive and constructive energy in a world often content with misdirected rage. Israeli superstar Sabbo of Soulico fame was feeling the track and went in on the remix – bringing the world-changing party atmosphere to a whole new level.



<a href="http://shemspeed.bandcamp.com/album/move-on">Move On (feat. DeScribe / prod. Diwon) by Shemspeed</a>

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