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* Y-Love’s “Focus on the Flair” single, produced by Diwon, features Israeli artist Onili is the perfect track to re-introduce Y-Love as the first gay rapper to come out of the closet mid-career. 
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* The club-friendly tracks on See Me are influenced as much by rap vet Chuck D as by new artists like Major Lazer and Nicki Minaj. Producer Diwon (mastermind behind Shemspeed Records) skillfully blends Middle Eastern beats with clubbed-out hip-hop, giving the EP an entrancing worldly sound ready for the dance floor. Y-Love explores a variety of styles, from dance and world to pop, to express his underlying message of harmony: “Unity builds the world, all divisions destroy the world.”


* “The Takeover,” is the lead single from the forthcoming Y-Love LP, produced by Diwon. The song explodes with African rhythms and clever wordplay, featuring Jamaican dancehall artist Tj Di Hitmaker, and super star comedian/actor, Andy Milonakis (MTV/Jimmy Kimmel). The music video has been featured on AOL, VH1 and MTV and TV Guide recently highlighted it as “What’s Hot.”


* “After releasing several internet leaks, the emcee x DJ/producer trifecta of Kyle Rapps, Y-Love and Diwon, collectively known as Hood Samaritan, are pleased to release their debut FreEP Honey Dijon to the masses. The four track extended play includes both original composition from the likes of Blockhead, along with remixes of Colourless Colour from La Roux, Riot Rhythm from Sleigh Bells and Janye Zest’s Ni@@as In Paris, courtesy of Diwon.”- 2DOPEBOYZ


* A mix of traditional, dance, electro, hip hop, and folk songs from around the Sephardic world makes up the Sephardic Music Festival’s first compilation album. Grammy-nominated artist Matisyahu combines a suite of Middle Eastern inspired hip hop riffs with a time-honored Yemenite chorus sung by Yehuda Solomon. Yasmin Levy’s impassioned song “Mi Korasón” (My Heart) emphasizes the underappreciated romantic side of the Ladino language. Moshav contributes a powerful rendition of the Yemenite wedding song “Abba Shimon” in Judeo Arabic. In addition, the world-renowned , Yair Dalal, offers a memorable interpretation of the classic Shabbat song “Ya Ribon.”


* In time for the holidays, Brooklyn based Producer DIWON, drops a Chanukah club track that sounds like its from outer-space. The track titled, “GONNA LIGHT (SHTETL CHANUKAH MIX)”, blends a high energy dance club feel with chopped and screwed vocals from multilingual hip-hop pioneer Y-LOVE, one of the decade’s most dynamic artists and SARAH AROESTE, the international Sephardic Ladino songstress. Imagine Spank Rock does the Hava Nagila with a Judeo-Spanish twist. Shemspeed is releasing the track to the public for a name your own price which means, fans can get it for free or choose to support the movement.

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* The combination of Y-Love’s militant mysticism with the plaintive urgency of DeScribe’s singing creates infectious energy filled songs that the listener can’t get out of their heads. The release includes all 3 singles plus a bonus Remix of "Change" by Diwon and "Make It" by Electro Morocco..


* The classic CD that introduced Y-Love to the world. The MC drop his lyrical skills over a genre smashing blended classic mixed by dj handler (Diwon).