Gonna Light with Diwon & Sarah Aroeste

In time for the holidays, Brooklyn based Producer Diwon, drops a Chanukah club track that sounds like its from outer-space. The track titled, “Gonna Light (Shtetl Chanukah Mix)”, blends a high energy dance club feel with chopped and screwed vocals from multilingual hip-hop pioneer Y-Love, one of the decade’s most dynamic artists and Sarah Aroeste, the international Sephardic Ladino songstress. Imagine Spank Rock does the Hava Nagila with a Judeo-Spanish twist. Shemspeed is releasing the track to the public for a name your own price which means, fans can get it for free or choose to support the movement.

“Gonna Light (Shtetl Chanukah Mix)”, is based around “Ma’oz Tzur” (Hebrew: מעוז צור‎), which is a Jewish liturgical poem. It is written in Hebrew, and is sung on the holiday of Hanukkah, after lighting the festival lights. The name is a reference to the Hasmonean stronghold of Beth-zur. This Hebrew song is thought to have been written sometime in the 13th century.

Dig it and name your own price (you can get it for free, but you should *really* consider not being a cheap a$$)!

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